The Headdress…

The inspiration and idea for my headdress came from my travels around the world.  A headdress is a symbol of ceremony and important occasions and should be worn on a special day, so I can think of no better than my Wedding Day.  I mean there aren’t many occasions when you can get away with wearing one without causing quite a stir!

Finding my dress was one thing and being such a statement piece in itself some may feel convinced it really did not need anything futher in the form of adornment apart from maybe some jewellery.

For myself, I always knew the look was going to go a stage further and not only did my shoes give me height but I felt I wanted height on my head.  The concept of the headdress was born and I had great fun thinking about this and wondering if my skills were good enough to produce such a piece that would do the dress justice.

Chasquita behind a feather fan

In the end I searched high and low for someone more professional and my eyes lead me to an incredibly talented artist from Los Angeles who is known as the Plumed Serpent.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I found Daniella White’s work, it was as if she were inside my mind.  The representation Daniella gives to her designs is exactly what my look stood for, incorporating nature as well as elements from around the world, to let the wearer’s inner beauty and character shine through.

It was a match made in heaven and upon contacting Daniella my experience working with her from start to finish was an absolute pleasure and a huge amount of fun.  Actually never being able to meet in person due to Daniella living in the USA and myself traversing from Australia to the UK and finally on to Ibiza meant we liaised in cyber space.  Discussing each intricate detail and element until the creation manifested into the incredible headdress you see here.  The result is almost from another time and world.  The finished article was carefully packaged and smoothly transported from LA to Yorkshire to Na Xamena.

Chasquita in her wedding headdress.

I felt like a high goddess sprinkling love and happiness on my future husband and most cherished people in the world as we were engulfed by a magical ceremony symbolising and thanking the elements.

Your Wedding Day should bring out the inner Goddess in you.

Shine bright!

“When you wear a Plumed Serpent headdress you become a living work of art!”  The Plumed Serpent.

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