Wedding Magic…

The love is still emanating around the world and in our hearts from this incredible day, Saturday 29th September 2012.

Due to being such a galavanting trotter of the globe, with friends and family touching all sides it was the perfect excuse to get away with a destination Wedding.  This meant I had better ensure everyone had a fabulous time.

This is a happy story however to set the scene I should let you know I didn’t grow up dreaming about marriage or longing for the day to be walked down the isle.  Having know the pain and torment of divorce from my parents and lived with the hurt and rejection of missing and not knowing my father for many years, to the twists and turns of living in a step-family it is not really surprising I suppose.

For me the journey to marriage has been a long one and has taken many years of exploring, adventuring and living before being swept off my feet by my destiny unravelling.  In the time I spent living prior to this conclusion being made when I finally said “YES” I guess I have looked at the world from many angles and believe this is represented in the ceremony and wedding celebration I came up with for our Wedding Day.   It was a very intimate, spiritual, heartfelt, meaningful and important occasion.

The destination was an idyllic location called Na Xamena, Hotel Hacienda, in the far North of Ibiza.  The guests did not realise before arriving, they would find themselves in an amphitheatre over-looking the twinkling balearic ocean.   The  ceremony was going to take them to a spiritual haven of magic and love wrapped up in the four elements. 

You can check out some of my ideas in our Wedding story here which was magnificently captured by our awesome photography duo for the day, Keith and Jenny of Fusion Photography:

Photography:  Fusion Photography.

Event Planning & Styling:  Alicia Kristow.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Magic…

    • It was truly incredible, all the hard work and build up was worth it to enable us to share, spread and feel the phenomenal amount of love that was generated and has guided us into the future, touching us forever.

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