Weekly Photo Challenge: From lines to patterns…

I love seeing the lines, patterns and textures wood can achieve from natural formations to man made creations…

For more of my photographic endeavours on detail and textures check out my page natural magic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside…

Captured from the inside of one of the revolving cable cars that takes you to the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.  You can see the second cable car in the distance on its way down as we make our ascent.

From the inside you certainly get a spectacular view of Cape Town disappearing beneath you as the mountain looms closer.   The cable car revolves continuously in slow 360 degree circles on the way up and down to be sure you have taken in all angles!

Although you are inside you really get to appreciate the great outside!

The cable car to the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Take me to the top!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree…

The beach highway to Carefree Crescent….

Bare feet touching soft white sand as she glides between the glistening azure ocean…

Listening to the soothing sound of the lapping waves rippling motion.

Gazing to the horizon and breathing in deeply the fresh pure air…

A happy soul, a smiling spirit, with not one single care.

Lady walking on a beach.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece.

An ancient work of mastery at one of the largest archeological sites and urban centres of the pre-Columbian Maya civilisation – Tikal.

Tikal, Guatemala.

Tikal Temple One, Guatemala.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.