Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Back to my home county of North Yorkshire for this challenge where one of my Grandmother’s neighbours does live in a rather grand house known as Castle Howard!  One of England’s grandest Baroque mansions, the construction of which took over one hundred years to complete spanning the lifetimes of three earls and numerous architects and craftsmen.

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, UK.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected…

When I departed Australia to re-locate to South Africa my send off was spectacular and most unexpected!  I mean really, fancy lighting up the Sydney Opera House… of course it was in my honour!

The Sydney Opera House illuminated.

Should your intrigue wish to take you further you can read about my unexpected delay and a spectacular display here.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie…

One of the most eerie experiences I have ever had was the night I spent in Melbourne Gaol.  Something I actually paid to go and do and certainly not everybody’s idea of a good time on saturday night!  My dear house mate at the time hatched the idea to join a night tour and met my curious mind with intrigue and a promise to escort her along to such an evening.

We solemnly packed a folding chair each, some late night snacks and I have to admit I sneaked in my hip-flask!  It was secretly hidden (as alcohol was strictly forbidden!) amongst the many layers of clothes I had to adorn to keep myself warm.  A swig of something to take the edge off in more ways than one was definitely necessary!  So off we intrepidly went, walking past the tipsy glammed up saturday night revellers in the City on our way to spend a cold and dark night in the cells of the old gaol, watching, listening and using various pieces of equipment to check for paranormal activity!

Well, we didn’t go home disappointed if the result was to feel a chill down our spines and an eerie feeling of belief that some spirits are trapped lingering in the place that took them to the end of their lives, in a manner none of us would wish for.  Revenge, despair, the inability to let go, caught in a place of sorrow and sadness haunting those who choose to delve by visiting such a place of remorse!

Our initial giggles were quickly silenced as our throats became dry, our eyes widened and our ears pricked.  I found myself at the back of our little procession being lead by the guide to the upper level of the gaol and couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder and suddenly wondering what on earth we had got ourselves into.  I was surprised by the fact that what had seemed like a jest of humour and silly fun at the time of committing to spend the night in a gaol was actually turning out to be far more real and eerie than I had expected.

We definitely saw numerous orbs up on the ceiling of the gaol by viewing them on a running video camera and felt the pull of energy on our probes used in the room prisoners were taken to say their last prayers before they were hung.  The temperature in each cell was also fluctuating in a most abnormal manner.  These were all apparent signs of paranormal activity!

The experience though that still makes me feel eerie to this day is one I captured on my camera by sheer chance after we were waiting in a cell that seemed to be free of activity.  For something to do I looked through the door from where I was sitting in the cold cell and took some blind shots of the corridor in an attempt to see if I could capture something, not even knowing if that was possible.  This photograph was the result.

Do you see the figure of a man?  Can you see him or is it just me?  There is a black line of paint that runs around the corridor and the strange thing is, this is broken by the head of the figure.  See what I mean?!!   Eeeeeerrie…..  The white circle is also what some like to call an orb… or is it just a particle of dust on the lense?  It didn’t appear on the photo’s prior to or after this one!

Eerie photo at Melbourne Gaol.

Spreading a little eerie magic with the weekly photo challenge.