Weekly Photo Challenge: Change!

This weeks photo challenge summarises everything going on in my life, and is a large reason for me starting this blog so that I can try and keep track and share my adventures on-line.   In one word – CHANGE!!

However, as I pondered over all my ideas for displaying this in a photograph, and the areas of my life that are changing, or about to change, the most amazing change in my life comes down to one thing and that has been getting married.

So I have chosen to share a photograph with you from my Wedding Day.  This symbolises to me an enormous depth of love, light, hope and peace as well as the shared trust, respect, commitment, honour and loyalty that sealed our future, enhancing it and changing it forever.

Prior to getting married I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel once on the other side, would it change how I felt?…  How we lived?… In many ways things carry on as they did before, but there is also an incredible change in our hearts and souls that as they say literally tied the knot.  I feel as though I am wallowing in love, warmth, strength and unity and it really is simply wonderful.

Bride and Groom.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense…Love, Hope & Excitement.

On the way to my Wedding I went on an incredible journey from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere stopping off at a number of destinations along the way.   One such place is far out on a dusty playa in Nevada called Black Rock City.   It is the place where magic happens!

Out in the deep playa a temple rises apart from the city and is a place for visitors to reflect and pray.  A place of quiet and calm in an otherwise bustling, excited city of artists, entertainers, musicians, performers, magicians, travellers, explorer’s, kindred spirits and givers; an incredible community of creative cooperation and collaboration.

Black Rock City exists for only one week each year and is know as Burning Man.   The name comes from the ritual burning of an effigy on Saturday evening.   On the Sunday evening the temple burns.  Each year the temple is a different creation.

The annual theme for the event in 2012 was fertility, hence the building of the Temple of Juno.  Juno is an ancient Roman Goddess who’s many roles included a fertility deity, an overseer of childbirth, a protectress of women and the community.

The Temple of Juno was a beautiful traditional design made of filigreed wood, ornately carved and intricately laid.  During the week the community brought memorials, weddings, remembrances, momento’s and photograph’s.

Writings, drawings, wishes, prayers and shrines were placed in the interior, on the altars and on the grounds.  At the end of the week the traditional ritual of immolation was carried out to release all that was brought to the temple.

The Temple symbolises the past, present and future.  Remembering, honouring, cherishing, praying, wishing, giving gratitude and peace.  In amongst the many inscribing’s I wrote a message of love and hope for the future, to my family, friends and my Prince for our up-coming Wedding Day.

Message in the Temple of Juno.

The intricate detail of the Temple…

The Temple of Juno.

Below you can see a gathering of the community around the Temple watching the sunrise in the other direction as a new day of adventure starts on the playa.  If you look closely you can spot people capturing photographs to keep for a future viewing.

People gathered around the Temple of Juno at sunrise.

The morning sun appearing on the horizon with the promise of another day…

Sun rise.

Weekly Photo Challenge.