Welcome 2014….

Good-bye 2013… you have required courage, strength, faith, wisdom and enthusiasm.  You have shown me so many new wonders as well as numerous agonies which have kept me on a balanced path of reality and true life.

I shall treasure you and remember you but go forward now armed with more knowledge than I had when you first opened up to me.  Now you are closing I will take all you have shown me and embrace 2014 with open arms and wide eyes.

The future is in our hands and it is how we look at it, breathe it in, make our moves and hold our heads that transforms it to one full of happiness, peace, goodness and purpose.

Moving from Australia to South Africa this year has opened up an amazing new chapter for me and now I have built the foundations of my new life on the Western Cape I am really looking forward to the transformative and regenerative journey which lies ahead.  I don’t know where the end destination is yet but I can see the path and I am taking it with confidence, hope and faith…

Happy New Year Everyone!  

May your journey through 2014 be full of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Elephant's Eye, Cape Town.  SA.