Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon…

When I looked out from the apartment I stayed in when I first moved to Cape Town and was presented with this view, I knew I would be staying in town for a while.

The Western Cape is one of the most beautiful locations in the World that I have ever seen a city built on.  For although there are buildings a plenty, the natural elements surround you whichever way you look and you simply cannot forget where you are on planet Earth.

Especially when you look out to the horizon and see the sky meeting the enormous expanse of Indian and Atlantic Oceans that engulf the Cape and you watch as the magnificent Sun sinks off the side of the planet for another day.

Sunset in South Africa.

Cloudy sunset flames on the horizon…

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.

I am enraptured with the golden hour every day from my new home!  The sky seems to be a different colour here in South Africa as the light projects in an alternative contrast to the big Australian skies.  Why is it that even though you have seen the sunset more times than you can count there is this compelling force that makes you look…?

Like flashes of lightning or the site of a rainbow, you simply cannot refrain from taking them in.  Perhaps because the golden hour comes with the knowledge it is always unique, never to be repeated in exactly the same way, and is therefore something magical to enjoy as one of those lucky enough to see it.

Recently I have had the pleasure of soaking up the golden sunset every evening down by the beach and I must keep reminding myself that staring at the sun, particularly through a camera lens, is not good for ones retina’s even though it is amazingly soothing for the soul.  So do watch yourself when its beauty compels you to look and try to keep your vision off centre!

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable.

Enjoying a quiet moment of reflection together, whilst floating in a bubble of happiness as the sun slipped away on our Wedding Day.

The future stretching out before us as life long companions.

“Two people, yes, two lasting friends. 

The giving comes, the taking ends.

There is no measure for such things.

For this all Nature slows and sings.”

(Elizabeth Jennings).

Wedding silhouette as the sunsets.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.