A treat for the senses…

Oh what a dreamy Sunday afternoon it was sitting on the slopes of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens listening to the eloquent, finely tuned sounds of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra.

My eardrums were soothed and my mind became peaceful as I immersed myself in the many different moods of the classical pieces which flowed so perfectly from their instruments.  In an attempt to define the music swirling around us, encompassing so many definitions, it was elegant, majestic, spirited, gentle, artistic, lively and flowing.

My eyes were also spoilt as they soaked up the incredible and most breath-taking view from the soft grassy bank which slopes down to the stage, to up and beyond at the looming mountain where flurrying clouds softly billowed adding to the atmosphere of the event.

If you are in Cape Town during the summer months be sure to spend a Sunday afternoon at one of the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts.  This is certainly one of the most striking settings I have ever listened to live music.

Summer Concert.