To Slur…

My previous post highlighted the word “strut” and I suggested you should spend the week “strutting your stuff” to see how it makes you feel…..?!

Well, I ended up strutting my stuff on the lawns of a most beautiful winery on Saturday afternoon along with a gaggle of supposed fine wine connoisseurs, who I would say were most definitely strutting and perhaps ever so slightly slurring!

It was a fabulous afternoon of strutting and slurring all the same, which is understandable when there were 200 wines being presented, along with mouth-watering canapes from some of the vineyards most talented chefs at this relaxed event on the grounds of Buitenverwachting Estate.   One of Constantia’s many vineyards and I certainly do feel spoilt to be living on their doorstep here in Cape Town.

One of the vineyard owners commented on my accent detecting the British/ Australian notes and I confirmed my global tour is allowing me to sample the best wine every corner of the World has to offer!  We decided a move to France may well be the most obvious next choice for me to continue my studies.  I am sure I could participate in the Champagne region quite merrily for a while!

However, I am far from finished with my tastings here and with South Africa boasting 18 official wine routes and 2 brandy routes I am now busily booking up every long weekend at a different vineyard!  Hmmmmmm…….. Could this be dangerous?!  Just necessary I think! After all, I need to know what I am talking about if I am going to be able to strut and slur amongst these connoisseurs!

Buitenverwachting Winery.

A glorious afternoon sampling the finest & freshest grapes in South Africa!