Colour and detail on the Western Cape…

I have been mulling over how I am going to show you Cape Town in an out of the ordinary way.  There are many websites you can use to research the top things to do in town and the must see places to go, they do a very good job and so I will leave this to them.  I can confirm this because the first time I came here I was a tourist taking in all the usual highlights.  Believe you me there is so much to do it was difficult to fit my hit list in to a week and that was just following the top ten sights to see.  They were all worth it I might add.  I mean seriously, the ride up to the top of Table Mountain in the James Bond style revolving cable car was a good start to my insatiable appetite to see it all and you almost can with 360 degree views of the Cape from up there!  However, I want to show you the detail in different ways and so this is just the beginning as I embark on this intrepid pursuit with great enthusiasm and intrigue.

Now I have the glorious feeling of knowing there are an abundance of weekends streaming into the future, I can approach this journey of discovery in a different way than through the eyes of a tourist.  Perhaps unearthing delights with the mind of an excited child for the first time but also with the relaxed pace and calm of a local as I become more familiar.  For a start, the walking trails I have since been on are opening up more views, angles and familiarity with the mountainous landscape than one can first appreciate with the lazy route to the top I initially took.  Now I can get my shoes dirty and inhale oxygen until my lungs can’t expand any further as I stroll along the array of winding routes.

I have been a little nervous of carrying my larger camera with me as safety precautions do need to be taken more vigilantly here.  So in an attempt to look less like a tourist with something of value that might be tempting to snatch, I have been walking without it and this has seriously hampered my photographic opportunities.  So I am now finally armed with a new phone (p.s. to acquire this was another very long procedure which helped push my levels of patience to new lengths as I appreciate things take a little longer here)….. and it is an iPhone!  I used to have one and it’s a long story of woe as to how we became separated for the last eighteen months but I won’t bore you with that.  I was also having a stand-off to being sucked into everything apple but to be honest it is a good product and I can do so much more armed with one.  Including now being able to take discreet photographs as well as not carry too much with me.

Although, the usual rule of don’t go out bush-walking without your phone is actually contradicted here with the suggestion you are better to go without it for fear of robbery!  I have decided I would rather take my chances, get some photographs, be able to make a phone call in case of an emergency and worst case hand it over if push comes to shove.  That is why insurance exists and the option to lock and delete all content is carefully installed.  I will of course be venturing out with my SLR so watch out for those shots too in the coming weeks but now I have got more opportunities covered.

So coming at you my first shot with the phone and a little bit of colour box fun just because it would be rude not to make the most of all the incredible things that can be done at ones fingertips!  Well, I did say at the start it would be out of the ordinary!

Here we have colourful Camps Bay…

Artistic colour image of Camps Bay.