Having a whale-of-a-time in Hermanus!

Driving east from Cape Town for a couple of hours along the coast takes you to a place called Hermanus.  Originally known as Hermanuspietersfontein but shortened as the name was too long for the postal service!  I was recently there celebrating my first year Wedding Anniversary!  Yes lots of champagne and cake was devoured and a great deal of walking to burn it off and look for whales!  It was an amazing experience to be able to see whales right from the coastal path and we just happened to be there during the Whale Festival!

Hermanus which is apparently the best known land-based whale watching destination in the world plays host to all kinds of activities and festivities during the whales calving and mating season.  Any excuse will do!  So while the whales do their thing the locals and visitors from far and wide celebrate to live music, braai’s (south african barbeque) and general milling about, with binoculars close to hand for when the world’s one and only whale cryer sounds his kelp horn to let you know where the whales are!

I have tried whale spotting from a helicopter in New Zealand but I have to say this was a far more natural (and cheaper) way to see them than whirring around in a man-made wasp!  The whales probably prefer the peace and quiet too.  Except perhaps for the sound of all the folks revelling into the small hours or maybe this is why the whales come back to this particular spot year after year to listen to the late night jamming!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves.

Whilst walking at the weekend discovering a little more of my new home I was in constant admiration of the stunning scenery and couldn’t help noticing the natural curves of the spectacular coastline here in South Africa.  I really am very lucky to be spending some time in this incredible part of the World.

I don’t know why exactly but I do like the feeling of being down at the bottom of a continent!   It was the same sensation when I used to travel to the tip of Cornwall in the UK as a child and also living at the bottom of Australia in Melbourne.   Now here I am near the tip of Africa!

The natural landscape lends itself to curves every where you look from the formation of the land itself, to the mountains and rocks, to the curves of the rolling waves on the beaches curved coast line, to the ever-changing curves in the clouds and the shape of the fiery sun.

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Spreading a little magic with this weeks photo challenge.

My last day in Melbourne…

The time to depart Australia more permanently than just for a holiday (for the second time round) has finally come!  At one point it felt as though this day would never arrive.  The idea for the next adventure was seeded so many months ago and now the nurturing, plotting, planning, organising and co-ordinating have all finally paid off.  I am out of here!  I am of course sad to go and will miss my awesome friends the most but the momentum has been building for some time and I am ready to get started with eager anticipation for what lies ahead.

I have to say I am some what delirious…. it has been a crazy busy week!  The apartment felt like it would never be empty… the cupboards just kept on giving!  There were endless appointments, phone calls to wrap up business, cancel standing orders, pay bills, sell household items, buy necessary supplies, visit the dentist, doctor and optician, say good-byes… and decide what to pack in the suitcase to last the next few months!  Thankfully the tasks are now completed and the packing is done, all my worldly belongings are soon to be sailing across the seas and tomorrow I will be flying through the sky on the way to Cape Town!

I can’t wait to sit back on the plane, take stock of everything and try to prepare myself mentally for the next chapter.  I guess the three flights from Melbourne to Sydney to Johannesburg to Cape Town should be enough time!  So many thoughts are racing through my brain.  I feel exhilarated and excited but I know I am also anxious due to the intense dreams I have been having.  It is strange how the sub-conscious is so affected.  Even though we think we are coping on the surface, deep down our mind has warning lights flashing preparing itself for the unexpected just in case!

Anyway, must dash as I want to slip in one more coffee on the laneways, say a couple of last minute “see you later’s” and if I still have time visit the Monet exhibition at the National Gallery before the day is done!

I will be in touch from the new destination!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”   – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Container ship sailing across the horizon.