Palm trees make me smile!

Coming from Yorkshire I still get very excited when I see a palm tree as you certainly won’t find many, if any, there!   To me they depict tropical holidays and far away places!  “Where the wild things are!”  (One of my favourite childhood books).

I just came from Beach Street in Melbourne where the road was lined with palms and once again I find them right outside my front door here in Cape Town!  Isn’t life just one big tropical holiday all of a sudden!   Well not quite but I am trying to keep my chin up whilst going through the (to be expected) anxiety brought on from moving to a new country.  If you go back to some of my posts earlier in the year you will discover my excitement, trepidation and words of wisdom on how to settle in to a foreign land.  Well I am trying to eat my own words right now!

I guess one needs to remember to take each day as it comes, there will be good days and bad days.  Don’t be too hard on oneself when you have a day of disillusionment and nothing seems to be going your way, leaving you feeling isolated and disheartened.  There is always the prospect of a brand new day tomorrow and the attitude as to how to tackle it is entirely in one’s own mind.

So today on my early morning walk to get the blood flowing, grab a coffee and find the local yoga studio (exercise always helps), I took hope and positivity from the beautiful winters day (rather similar to a pleasant English Summer’s day, so no complaints here!) and the strong tall palm trees which made me smile with holiday joy!

Palm trees.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.     Christopher Robin to Pooh – A.A.Milne

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense…Love, Hope & Excitement.

On the way to my Wedding I went on an incredible journey from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere stopping off at a number of destinations along the way.   One such place is far out on a dusty playa in Nevada called Black Rock City.   It is the place where magic happens!

Out in the deep playa a temple rises apart from the city and is a place for visitors to reflect and pray.  A place of quiet and calm in an otherwise bustling, excited city of artists, entertainers, musicians, performers, magicians, travellers, explorer’s, kindred spirits and givers; an incredible community of creative cooperation and collaboration.

Black Rock City exists for only one week each year and is know as Burning Man.   The name comes from the ritual burning of an effigy on Saturday evening.   On the Sunday evening the temple burns.  Each year the temple is a different creation.

The annual theme for the event in 2012 was fertility, hence the building of the Temple of Juno.  Juno is an ancient Roman Goddess who’s many roles included a fertility deity, an overseer of childbirth, a protectress of women and the community.

The Temple of Juno was a beautiful traditional design made of filigreed wood, ornately carved and intricately laid.  During the week the community brought memorials, weddings, remembrances, momento’s and photograph’s.

Writings, drawings, wishes, prayers and shrines were placed in the interior, on the altars and on the grounds.  At the end of the week the traditional ritual of immolation was carried out to release all that was brought to the temple.

The Temple symbolises the past, present and future.  Remembering, honouring, cherishing, praying, wishing, giving gratitude and peace.  In amongst the many inscribing’s I wrote a message of love and hope for the future, to my family, friends and my Prince for our up-coming Wedding Day.

Message in the Temple of Juno.

The intricate detail of the Temple…

The Temple of Juno.

Below you can see a gathering of the community around the Temple watching the sunrise in the other direction as a new day of adventure starts on the playa.  If you look closely you can spot people capturing photographs to keep for a future viewing.

People gathered around the Temple of Juno at sunrise.

The morning sun appearing on the horizon with the promise of another day…

Sun rise.

Weekly Photo Challenge.