Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!

I captured these images on Sunday afternoon from up above the clouds so high.   Not only was I physically high up in the sky but my emotions were also up at the top of the happiness scale after a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday in Tasmania.  So yes indeed my age also went UP too!

It was a weekend of double celebrations with the very exciting news that the next destination on my journey is now official and I have my visa for South Africa.  So the next time I take to the skies to fly up high I will be on my way to Cape Town to start a completely new adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge.

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood.

The sunrise as I look over from my apartment in Port Melbourne to the CBD.  It’s been over 30 degrees for 9 days…. Finally a cooler change has relieved us!


Looking out to the bay from down on the ground on the other side of my apartment…


Just spreading a little magic with the phoneography challenge.