Phone stolen already…

I mentioned in a previous post perhaps my phone might be stolen whilst out walking and almost no sooner had I mentioned this than low and behold I am iPhone less once more!  Now this could happen anywhere in the world for pick-pockets are out there.

The despicable act happened to me last Saturday whilst at a ticketed event.  My phone was craftily swiped from the zipped up pocket of my hand bag.  To be honest I was some what distracted with the frivolities of hanging out with friends and my bag which was firmly hanging across my body at all times had slipped to my back.  So I guess it must have been easy picking!  They were deft handed though for they even slipped into the zipped up front pocket of my husbands gilet whilst he was wearing it!  We were both done!

Hey ho…. like I said in my previous post the phones were instantly locked, wiped and blacklisted and now-a-days with everything in the cloud the stress and drama of loosing your phone is not as bad as it used to be.  However, it will be costing us some money to rectify, it is very inconvenient in the mean time and we have to claim on our only recently established insurance but that is after all what it is for I suppose.  Thank goodness for the insurance too as my goodness iPhones are expensive!  I am just hoping the process of acquiring my replacement is not as lengthy as it was to organise the phone in the first instance!  I am not going to hold my breathe though.  So it might be a while before I am back with my colour box fun iphone photo’s!

I am not sure where the karma is in all of this as I had actually been volunteering to help set up the event we were at and also donated dry food parcels to outreach those in need.  Perhaps it is to be an enforced lesson to us, even though we are very aware of where we are and appreciate the crime levels are high and the poverty extreme, at all times we must keep our wits about us.  Sometimes though it is just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and there is nothing you can do about this but recover and move on.