…The shortest month of the year.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is the seasonal equivalent of August in the Northern Hemisphere.

So whilst my fellow English folk in the UK praise it for being so short and will spring to reveal longer days and buds of life with the eager anticipation of March…

…I am wanting each day to pass as slowly as possible on the Western Cape as we bask in glorious sunshine and radiant blue skies.

Growing up in one hemisphere and then moving to another will always confuse my senses….

Winter is no longer when winter always was and summer is no longer when summer always was…

Spring and autumn have reversed themselves too, and I have an array of seasonal memories that no longer fit my minds traditional months.

Each season always brings change anyhow, and nothing is ever quite the same as it was.

So whichever way round the seasons go, month to month or hemisphere to hemisphere, I shall accept them.

For what is normal at any given time anyway…?!

Flower burst.