One of my favourite habitats in Melbourne…

It is the first day of May, the start of a new month and the start of my last month in Melbourne before the big move to South Africa!!  Thirty days to go!

One of the places I shall miss the most is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.  I have spent hours inside this stunning playground of incredible flora and fauna.  Not to mention the many hours running around its perimeter, I will come back to this shortly!  In summer time it is a glorious haven to relax in and many a family, group of friends or united couple can be found in amongst the diverse plant collections and trees with picnic hampers, rugs, balls, books and newspapers.

During these warmer months it is also home to the moonlight cinema and provides a stunning back drop whilst you sink into a bean bag and watch the silhouettes of fruit bats fly across the dusky sky as the movie starts…. particularly effective if you go to watch something more sinister!

Another favourite evenings entertainment here and the reason for many a wry smile has been watching the captivating and dynamic performances of Shakespeare Under the Stars.  The Australian Shakespeare Company present contemporary and unique productions in the enchanting garden surrounds.  Folks settle down on the grass with their array of goodies, and you can bet a fine drop of Australian shiraz or pinot noir isn’t going a miss, before being utterly absorbed, amused and entertained after a busy day.

Melbourne is also a very active city and on the exterior edge of the gardens runs a wide sand track lovingly known by the locals as the “tan.”  You will always spot a jogger or walker circumnavigating laps of the track at pretty much any time of year come rain, shine and even extreme heat!   I have definitely done my fair share of laps and it has helped keep me in shape with all the fine culinary delights and tasty treats on offer in this diverse multi-cultural city of fabulous food.  Another part of Melbourne I shall deeply crave and miss!

The good news is I know there is Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in Cape Town and I look forward to exploring its glorious surrounds with my camera.  Watch out for this blog post in the future!

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