Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated.

This weeks challenge is all about colour being rich and powerful!  I felt like jumping into a paint box immediately as I love colour and the different impacts and moods it can create.

I take a lot of my inspiration for colour combinations from nature, the true master of handling colour, nature never gets it wrong.  So I have decided to demonstrate saturation by showing you some photo’s from my recent expedition to Hermanus.

I was visiting this bustling coastal town on the Western Cape trying to spot whales which I most certainly did as they are wallowing in the shallower waters in abundance at this time of year.  It was a very special experience to see them up so close.

In between siting’s as I strolled along the path there were many beautiful flowers lacing my way and the colours, I would say, are natures version of saturated.  After all the flowers need to look rich, bright and enticing to invite their pollinators in!

According to Wikipedia saturation is the colourfulness of a colour relative to its own brightness.

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