Home sweet home at very long last…

After circumnavigating the globe countless times like a spinning top I have finally come to settle with my husband in our very own first home.  We have only been in Cape Town just over three months but it has certainly been productive and yes it looks like we are going to be staying for a while now.  Hence the lack of posts last week as the onslaught of moving in chaos gathered momentum.  Once again there is so much to organise, except this time it is to install rather than cancel.  From phone lines and internet connections to security and deliveries….. never mind the un-packing!  And a house is an entirely new operation versus the previous shoe box apartment style living I have been doing.  Oh yes, I can fondly remember the studio I had where the bed folded back into the wall.  I mean it was great you didn’t even need to make your bed just “ping” and it was hidden!

My container finally arrived from the UK having started its journey in 2010 from Melbourne, goodness only knows what treats I shall find!  Christmas has arrived early with all my own belongings!  Our second container arrived from Australia and would you believe between the two shipments we still have nothing to sit on (apart from boxes of course) or a table to eat at (boxes again work well with a simple newspaper tablecloth).  Maybe we shouldn’t have sold the larger items after all!  No in all seriousness it is great fun to be camping out and it means we will just simply have to go shopping!

Beams of sheer delight have literally been vibrating out of our new abode with all the excitement of discovering every nook and cranny we hadn’t been able to take in from the viewings.  Standing in each room and breathing in the space and disbelief it is our home sweet home!  And yes my dearest did carry me up the drive-way and across the threshold!   The only tipping point, apart from him nearly dropping me (only joking – I am light as a feather!), into a black hole of frustration and exhaustion was many very tedious hours on a crackling phone line to the internet people!  Being passed from agent to agent as they tried to figure out why the internet was not connecting whilst my ear went red and my head nearly exploded was not a huge amount of fun.  “I must blog again soon!” I cried, as if to finally keep me quiet a moment of glory shone and we were live!  Technology does indeed rule my life at times and I shall have to go and do some serious meditation shortly to relinquish myself from these desires.

It has for the large part been a very smooth transition and I am quite sure you would be able to see this home hub of joy and happiness glowing from outer space!  For the first time ever we have a garden and I feel very much like this flower I captured yesterday blossoming out of a black hole, another wonderful undiscovered surprise!  Many a long hour is going to be spent appreciating this space.


My top tip for shipping your belongings across the globe having learnt the hard way by opening nearly 40 boxes to find what I was looking for…..

Be sure to put your kettle, a couple of mugs and most importantly an adaptor plug in a special box of their own clearly marked PRIORITY – OPEN FIRST!!  This way the bottom won’t fall out of your universe when dealing with the trials and trivialities of moving and calm will be instantly in order from the start.

“We had a kettle; we let it leak:

Our not repairing made it worse.

We haven’t had any tea for a week…

The bottom is out of the Universe.”

Rudyard Kipling