Pink Love!


All of a sudden I am drawn to pink having never been a particular fan before….

What does it mean?

Pink is a positive colour, inspiring warmth and calm, giving off comforting feelings and a sense of reassurance that all is well.  Studies have actually found that exposure to pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and puts you in touch with your nurturing side.  It can also bring out the sweet and innocent child in us all.

So give yourself some tender loving care and find some pink out there in the world!

I like finding mine in nature…

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You…

My hue can change on different days depending on my mood!  I have also noticed through the ages of my life I have been drawn to wearing different colours.  This too changes depending where I am living in the world and if it is hot or cold, bright or dull.  

Colour does indeed have a huge impact on us, from what we choose to wear, to the colours we observe outside in nature, to the mood of a room, office space or how we decorate our homes, even in the choice of cars and products we choose to buy.  

The hue still colouring my life at present is the combination of colours I wore on my Wedding Day.  For my dress was soft beige with a train of sky blue, worn with mustard shoes and a hint of gold … Combining a feeling of air, water and earth as the theme for my Wedding was the four elements; whilst fire was represented by the love burning red in my heart!

I chose this photograph for the challenge as I love the fluid movement of the colours in my dress flowing in the wind making a hue of me….

Wedding Dress

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.