There is a dish to hold the sea,

A brazier to contain the sun,

A compass for the galaxy,

A voice to wake the dead and done!

That minister of ministers,

Imagination, gathers up

The undiscovered Universe,

Like jewels in a jasper cup.

Its flame can mingle north and south;

Its accent with the thunder strive;

The ruddy sentence of its mouth

Can make the ancient dead alive.

The mart of power, the fount of will,

The form and mould of every star,

The source and bound of good and ill,

The key of all the things that are,

Imagination, new and strange

In every age, can turn the year;

Can shift the poles and lightly change

The mood of men, the world’s career.

– John Davidson.

The last month of the year…

I can hardly believe December is upon us and 2013 is nearly over!  It has certainly been an eventful period of time, personally and globally.

Frozen blue ice

Blue Ice.

Nothing ever stays the same, that is for sure, so whether it has been a good year or a bad year for you remember this too shall pass.  Change is always inevitable.

Green Leaves.

Green Leaves.

The main thing is to try to live with joy and confidence.  For there is so much wonder and beauty in this world.  Let us all seek it this December.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change!

This weeks photo challenge summarises everything going on in my life, and is a large reason for me starting this blog so that I can try and keep track and share my adventures on-line.   In one word – CHANGE!!

However, as I pondered over all my ideas for displaying this in a photograph, and the areas of my life that are changing, or about to change, the most amazing change in my life comes down to one thing and that has been getting married.

So I have chosen to share a photograph with you from my Wedding Day.  This symbolises to me an enormous depth of love, light, hope and peace as well as the shared trust, respect, commitment, honour and loyalty that sealed our future, enhancing it and changing it forever.

Prior to getting married I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel once on the other side, would it change how I felt?…  How we lived?… In many ways things carry on as they did before, but there is also an incredible change in our hearts and souls that as they say literally tied the knot.  I feel as though I am wallowing in love, warmth, strength and unity and it really is simply wonderful.

Bride and Groom.

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