Checking in for another year…

We are really just visitors on this incredible planet and even though we get to hang around for longer than birds and spiders our lives aren’t necessarily richer for that longevity.   It sometimes lulls us into a false sense of security giving us an air of rights and entitlement.

We are not immortal and must remember to recognise the forces we can’t control.  For there are so many things we cannot change in this world and we should be inspired by these rather than intimidated or afraid.  That is what makes life real.

After all we are not here on this earth for very long either… So make the most of your time however you intend to spin your life’s web and be prepared for it to be pulled, broken and re-woven many times over and certainly don’t hang on with remorse to the things you can’t change.

I certainly intend to make the most of my next year on this earth whatever it may bring as I celebrate my Birthday today on Easter Day and feel incredibly grateful for getting to extend my stay.

On such an occasion it has given me the chance to reflect on how precious life is for the time I have it and hope for the longer I live the more spiritual I grow.  I hope my evolving soul is less driven by greed and material cravings and awakened to greater fulfillment of actions rooted in kindness and generosity.  For there is always room to weave acts of kindness throughout our life’s.

Golden Orb Spider in its web.

Golden Silk Orb-Weaver.

The name of the golden silk orb-weavers refers to the colour of the spider silk, not the colour of the spider itself.   Yellow threads of their silk shine like gold in the sunlight.  Although they are weaving to catch their prey they are just surviving in the time they are privileged to be here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon…

When I looked out from the apartment I stayed in when I first moved to Cape Town and was presented with this view, I knew I would be staying in town for a while.

The Western Cape is one of the most beautiful locations in the World that I have ever seen a city built on.  For although there are buildings a plenty, the natural elements surround you whichever way you look and you simply cannot forget where you are on planet Earth.

Especially when you look out to the horizon and see the sky meeting the enormous expanse of Indian and Atlantic Oceans that engulf the Cape and you watch as the magnificent Sun sinks off the side of the planet for another day.

Sunset in South Africa.

Cloudy sunset flames on the horizon…

The arrival of chaos…

Well, I am just over four months into my new life in South Africa and seem to be heading in the right direction slowly but surely which is a good speed in Cape Town as everything happens ‘just now’!  Original plans have come together and new plans are gradually unravelling, as too will my circle of networks continue to hopefully grow.  My dream is to set up my own business here or start a collaboration of sorts at some stage but it is easier said than done and time and perseverance will tell!  The ethos behind the business will ultimately be to help and contribute to the South African community.

In the mean time I have been focusing my attention on finally becoming a home owner and all the duties that go with it!  Hopefully my new abode will be the hub of some exciting endeavours and a space to allow my mind to open up and flow with ideas.  I never thought South Africa would be the place I would buy my first home and some may say this is crazy, but I tell you what, it feels wonderful.  It is the most magical home I could ever have dreamed of in one of the most beautiful places I think I have ever lived in my life.  It was well and truly worth the wait until now!

Having a home does indeed make me feel so much more grounded than my previous fly by the seat of my ‘skirts’ lifestyle!  I always said I never wanted to live in a house with a white picket fence and be all settled down but it is not so bad after all and that doesn’t necessarily mean the adventures have to stop!  It just means I have a base camp and a place to let the brain explore the avenues of possibility that are currently flowing like streams in my mind and maybe turn one of them into a powerful river!

However, there is a slight cause of distraction to my attention right now and I don’t just mean the responsibilities of up-keeping my new home; although wow there is so much more to do than when you are just renting an apartment!  Oh no, I have also taken on an even bigger responsibility!  If you have ever had the chance or inclination to read ” a glimpse of me…” you will have learnt of my great love of St Bernards!  Well guess what…… Bernard just came bounding into my life…..   Woof Woof!

Now you may well laugh and think it rather ridiculous that I have actually decided to call him ‘Bernard’…. call it totally unoriginal or call it very original!!  He is of the finest blood line and therefore it seemed appropriate he should have such a distinguished and I think hilarious name…..’Bernard’ or ‘Bernie’ for short.  It also suits his very entertaining, determined and stubborn character.

Let me proudly introduce you to my new puppy, mischief maker, home destroyer, lover of chewing anything in sight, curtain ghost and drool machine!  This photo is when he was only very small, he is actually now four months old and really getting quite large!  Yes, slight terror has been installed as I look at him and wonder how big he is going to get!  Further photo’s to follow so watch this space.  The crazy thing is he was actually born on the 2nd June 2013 which was the very weekend I arrived in Cape Town, I think it was meant to be.

St. Bernard dog.

In some ways dogs are like people. You got to love ’em to bring out the best in ’em.

George “Gramps” Miller –  ( George is a fictional character in the long-running television series, Lassie.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside…

Captured from the inside of one of the revolving cable cars that takes you to the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.  You can see the second cable car in the distance on its way down as we make our ascent.

From the inside you certainly get a spectacular view of Cape Town disappearing beneath you as the mountain looms closer.   The cable car revolves continuously in slow 360 degree circles on the way up and down to be sure you have taken in all angles!

Although you are inside you really get to appreciate the great outside!

The cable car to the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Take me to the top!