Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree…

The beach highway to Carefree Crescent….

Bare feet touching soft white sand as she glides between the glistening azure ocean…

Listening to the soothing sound of the lapping waves rippling motion.

Gazing to the horizon and breathing in deeply the fresh pure air…

A happy soul, a smiling spirit, with not one single care.

Lady walking on a beach.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge. 


…On life!!!  Oh yes indeed!  “I am so excited….. and I just can’t hide it!” (..la la la!!) Sing along if you want to, it will do you the world of good.

Ok, why am I so excited today?…Maybe a little bit more than usual.

Well, just because I am happy on the inside and it is bursting out of me on the outside.

All I have done today is breathe and be grateful and this is the result.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we enter this world and the last thing we do before we depart this world.

So take a deep breath in through your nose and push the oxygen throughout your entire body giving life to your system.

Now think about all the positive aspects of your life as the air enters you and travels around.

Then exhale deeply through your nose pushing out all of your toxins and negative thoughts.

Continue this focusing on each breath for as many minutes as you can spare, even if it is just for a couple you will feel the difference in yourself.

Have a great day……  and remember to breathe!


Jean Michell playing the Shell to the sky

A sign….. post!

Well as I mentioned in my previous post a new path has revealed itself and I think I am going to take it!!

Indeed, I have been exploring and taking the steps which presented themselves to me and as I continued on my journey this signpost appeared…. hmmmmm…..

Signpost and sky

This is offering me more options than I had even considered!

Sometimes the choices we have are actually staring us in the face but we fail to notice what they are.   Sometimes it is just worth stepping back for a moment and considering all you have in your life and realising there are always options.  Even when the going gets tough it is always possible for you to turn a corner and change your life, head in a new direction and find a happier place.  This doesn’t mean you have to travel to a new geographical destination, it might just mean you look at the world you live in with new awareness of what is surrounding you.

Well, in actual fact I don’t need to follow any of the directions this signpost is offering me because I have already arrived at the new destination.  (Don’t get me wrong, I am an explorer and I will be covering all these destinations off at some point; if I haven’t already!).  But for now back to the current situation…….. Where I am standing at the base of this signpost is where I am heading in due course to start a new adventure… Do you know where I am?

Several ideas for turning a new corner and looking at your world differently:

  •   Change the order of your daily routine, mix it up and see what you notice….
  •   Drive, walk, cycle, run, hop to work a different way…
  •   Make the effort to get to know someone you don’t always take much notice of…
  •   Learn something new… from belly dancing to boxing, drawing or singing!
  •   Go some where new… even in your local neighbourhood, I bet there is some where you haven’t been!
  •   Cook a new dish with ingredients you have never used before …
  •   Take a moment to be still and appreciate the elements surrounding you, the air, the earth, the water, the fire and the ether…

And if that doesn’t inspire you, well….

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
― Dr. Seuss