…The shortest month of the year.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is the seasonal equivalent of August in the Northern Hemisphere.

So whilst my fellow English folk in the UK praise it for being so short and will spring to reveal longer days and buds of life with the eager anticipation of March…

…I am wanting each day to pass as slowly as possible on the Western Cape as we bask in glorious sunshine and radiant blue skies.

Growing up in one hemisphere and then moving to another will always confuse my senses….

Winter is no longer when winter always was and summer is no longer when summer always was…

Spring and autumn have reversed themselves too, and I have an array of seasonal memories that no longer fit my minds traditional months.

Each season always brings change anyhow, and nothing is ever quite the same as it was.

So whichever way round the seasons go, month to month or hemisphere to hemisphere, I shall accept them.

For what is normal at any given time anyway…?!

Flower burst.

Today is yours…


This day is a special day.

It is yours.

Yesterday slipped away

It cannot be filled with more meaning.

About tomorrow nothing is known.

But this day, today, is yours,

Make use of it.

Today you can make someone happy.

Today you can help another.

This day is a special day.

It is yours.

Indian poem.

The last month of the year…

I can hardly believe December is upon us and 2013 is nearly over!  It has certainly been an eventful period of time, personally and globally.

Frozen blue ice

Blue Ice.

Nothing ever stays the same, that is for sure, so whether it has been a good year or a bad year for you remember this too shall pass.  Change is always inevitable.

Green Leaves.

Green Leaves.

The main thing is to try to live with joy and confidence.  For there is so much wonder and beauty in this world.  Let us all seek it this December.

Birthday Surprise!!

To my dearest Mother,

Welcome to my blog!  The intrepid adventures and musings of Chasquita.  I have been busy creating these pages for your perusal so you can keep up with my travels and discoveries while I am away from you.

I wanted to be sure the content was flowing before I introduced you to the world of blogging and have happily found the path it has taken me on keeps on unravelling!  Now I can proudly present you with 60 posts to view at your leisure.

This is indeed my 60th Post, timed to be especially dedicated to you on your 60th Birthday today!


Congratulations on achieving so many milestones!  I hope you feel bliss being 60 and enjoy the fruits of all your labour.  I am one of your fruits and hope to bring you amusement and pleasure with my writing and images.  This comes with all my most magical wishes to you for many wonderful years to come.

Now sit back with a cup of Yorkshire tea and start from the very beginning….

I do hope you will enjoy the ride!

All my love always,

Chasquita. x 

Two shadows.


How many chapters are there in a life time?  I feel like I am entering a new chapter right now and not just because I have recently moved to another country but also as my age ripens and my being changes, mentally and physically in subtle but developing ways.  I am also enjoying the first chapter of married life which is testing our commitment to the vows we made less than a year ago and challenging us to explore the depths of a harmonious and happy life together; as well as keeping our status quo as individuals!

Before you can make anyone else happy you need to be content within yourself and this is not always straight forward on a daily basis.   For example, at the moment I am feeling a little out of sorts and unsettled with moving to South Africa but I am trying to focus on not letting these feelings get the better of me or shrowd the bigger picture, for if they do, they will also come into my relationship in a negative way.  Instead I am trying to by all means share my feelings, a problem shared is a problem halved as they say, but also step back from them.  Keeping contentment in mind gives me a hugely satisfied feeling and appreciation for what I have in my life.

Contentment is not to be confused with ones desires, for desires just create cravings and the want for more.  Contentment is found in every day things, appreciating what you have in the very moment you are in.   Even if it is turning out to be a bad day find one of the thousand things around you that is giving you contentment.  For example,  walking in the great outdoors, eating some fresh fruit,  catching up for coffee with a friend, holding the hand of someone you love, watching the sun rise or set!  They exist every where, you just need to focus on them rather than the areas making you feel blue or frustrated.

Living in contentment takes some practice and it is most easily done in the joyous times but it can become very effective if you can equally embrace it during difficult moments.  When you learn how to be content during the challenging and tough times you become truly free.  Just as important is the ability to accept the people in our lives for who they truly are, and not what we want them to be.  This is also the secret to wedded bliss!

Cup of coffee with the shape of a heart in the milk.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”    Buddha.