A glimpse of me….


I am another explorer in this crazy world. My name Chasquita is not my birth name but one I was given on my travels through South America many moons ago. I was told then it means little star.  Funnily enough this connects to a story my mother told me only recently on my Wedding Day. The moment she conceived she wished to the universe I would be her little star and reach great heights. I do like to be up high on mountain tops but I am not entirely sure this is what she had in mind!

I am a globe-trotter (I literally do trot as well….sometimes even break into a canter!) and have a slightly confused accent as a result of hearing different dialects of the English language!  It certainly puts people off the scent of “mi Yok-sha” (Yorkshire) up-bringing until I put on “mi best” northern dialect and they soon wish I spoke more eloquently again!   I ad elocution lessons as a lass ya know!

Growing up in Yorkshire (UK) prepared me for life’s journey ahead, for as they say:  “If tha’ can laff… t’ole world laffs wi’-thee, bu’t if tha’-crys, tha’ll cry aloan.”  Yorkshire humour is philisophical in an every-man sense; meaning gently sarcastic, self-effacing and dry.

I grew up in a small village surrounded by beautiful green countryside before taking on the lights and swirling heights of big Cities, moving to Newcastle in the north of England and then London in the south.  The next intrepid adventure from here took me traveling solo around the world for a year; visiting all kinds of fascinating destinations.  (That’s a book in itself!).  With these experiences under my belt the travel bug was firmly sucking my feet and it was time to emigrate to an entirely different country more permanently and I traveled down under to Australia in 2005.  I have been between here and the UK ever since, mixed with a great deal of traveling to other parts of the globe thrown in for good measure!  The trouble is I can’t decide where I would prefer to be so I am making it a trifecta and moving to a third country… South Africa!

 You know what they say ….”third time lucky”….. or rather how to confuse your life even further!   However, this confusion is only from a logistical, time zone, keeping in touch, scattered belongings, missing friends and family across the world kind of way… The privilege to be able to traverse the planet and be able to live in different parts of the globe is not one I take lightly.  I am very lucky indeed and have managed to live this life through my love of fashion working in the industry for various businesses across the world.

I have taken many leaps of faith and now four times over re-located my life globally to follow my head and my heart when my life wanted to change direction.  This has resulted in incredibly life-changing events.  Had I peered into a crystal ball prior to making certain decisions I would simply never have believed the outcome.   I know now for sure that if you want to change your life, and this is always with the aim of it being for the better right, you absolutely can if you believe in yourself, have courage and you quite simply GO FOR IT!!!  It isn’t always going to be easy and it will be a great deal of hard work but nothing ventured is certainly nothing gained.

So here I am on the cusp of another life change…… hence I thought I would start writing this blog.  I can barely keep track of myself with all the moving around I have been doing recently so figure this will be a great outlet to channel my energy and discover and share new adventures on foot and on-line!  You can follow my progression or stalemate as time goes by!  Encouragement and suggestions most welcome along the way!

A few of the many things I get up to and enjoy involve crazy adventures and energetic exploring, dancing and dreaming, playing, laughing and saying “Razzzzzzzzzzzzzzmaaaaatazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”, (go on try it……..it really makes you feel better)!  “I love camping” (ha ha…inside joke), horses, St. Bernard’s, the wind and the sea.  Fire dancers, theatre, reading, long walks in the countryside and cups of tea.  Liquorice and dark chocolate, espresso martini’s, white wine in the sun and pints of cider!  Thunder and lightening, blossoms on trees, succulents and geraniums, shells and all trees.   Jazz and old house music…..in fact many genres of music, my Mum playing the piano, my saxophone, the tick tock of my grandmothers clock.  I like photography, fashion, interior design, cities and galleries, news and magazines, world progression and common good.  Random acts of kindness, good manners and gratitude.  My main interest however, is how I improve the use of my time with more meaningful endeavours on this wonderful planet with the aim of making those around me happier.  My new pleasure is being married…….it took me a while to take a chance on this but so far it is turning out rather well……so I must not forget last but not least my husband.

“I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward”    David Livingstone.

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9 thoughts on “A glimpse of me….

  1. Thank you for visiting and liking my photo challenge for ‘up’. Liked your graffiti blog – so very colourful. It gave me an idea for the next challenge of ‘culture’. I have some images of the wall art in the town of Chemainus in Canada. That’ll do. Good luck with your move to South Africa – hope you are taking your husband with you.

    • Hello there! Thanks for visiting me too. I am glad I managed to inspire you for the next challenge. Yes indeed the husband is coming too, although I am not sure how to package him, he is rather long!

    • Dear Cee, thank you so much for visiting my blog so often and for your very kind nominations. I am very touched indeed and really appreciate you warranting me worthy of them. I have decided however not to accept awards on my blog as a rule to myself. None the less please accept my absolute gratitude and appreciation for choosing me….you have helped inspire me to continue on this blogging journey. Thank you, Chasquita.

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