The Karoo…

The Karoo is made up of the most extraordinary landscape owed to the subjection of time, lava, erosion, sills and sediment.  The scenery is striking and impressive, yet can also appear rather baron until you look closely and realise, with the increasing time you spend there, that it is a hive of very interesting activity.

From the animals roaming the land to the wide variety of bird life flourishing in the rather bleak conditions and the fascinating array of curious plants also surviving the challenges of this semi-desert.  Poisonous flora and fauna can be found right next to those with healing properties but good luck deciding which is which and beware you don’t walk into a spiky bush!

One animal that gets it right for their diet, and it would seem to the satisfaction of us humans, are the sheep who munch on the grasses, herbs and shrubbery.  The fragrant bossies impart the well know and famous herbiness which has given Karoo lamb its famous signature flavour!

This trip has definitely highlighted the fact I need a more superior camera lense to do the vast scenery justice and as for getting close up shots of the animals I had no chance without a mega zoom.   So I am afraid there is a lack of images in this regard.

I have decided I am not bound for Kruger Park until I am better equipped with the necessary photographic paraphernalia, binoculars and of course the appropriate khaki wardrobe I shall need to pack.  My usual dark walking gear is not cutting it for these hot terrains nor wanted to blend in against the back drop.

So summer chic safari outfit shopping here I come!!

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