Checking in for another year…

We are really just visitors on this incredible planet and even though we get to hang around for longer than birds and spiders our lives aren’t necessarily richer for that longevity.   It sometimes lulls us into a false sense of security giving us an air of rights and entitlement.

We are not immortal and must remember to recognise the forces we can’t control.  For there are so many things we cannot change in this world and we should be inspired by these rather than intimidated or afraid.  That is what makes life real.

After all we are not here on this earth for very long either… So make the most of your time however you intend to spin your life’s web and be prepared for it to be pulled, broken and re-woven many times over and certainly don’t hang on with remorse to the things you can’t change.

I certainly intend to make the most of my next year on this earth whatever it may bring as I celebrate my Birthday today on Easter Day and feel incredibly grateful for getting to extend my stay.

On such an occasion it has given me the chance to reflect on how precious life is for the time I have it and hope for the longer I live the more spiritual I grow.  I hope my evolving soul is less driven by greed and material cravings and awakened to greater fulfillment of actions rooted in kindness and generosity.  For there is always room to weave acts of kindness throughout our life’s.

Golden Orb Spider in its web.

Golden Silk Orb-Weaver.

The name of the golden silk orb-weavers refers to the colour of the spider silk, not the colour of the spider itself.   Yellow threads of their silk shine like gold in the sunlight.  Although they are weaving to catch their prey they are just surviving in the time they are privileged to be here.

A buzz with activity…

Cape Town is certainly a buzz at the moment from the recent success of the Design Indaba and current status as World Design Capital for 2014 to the Cape Town Carnival Fan Walk, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour and the Holi One Colour Festival!

So much is happening here and I am trying to keep up as I throw myself deeper into the layers of this incredible city.  Never mind the layers of paint dust I had all over me a few weekends ago from the paint throwing extravaganza at the One Colour Event.  I have never been immersed in a cloud of multi-coloured paint before!  I was certainly glad of the mask and eye goggles I had with me for sure but the hilarity and excitement of everyone lobbing paint at each other was well worth it.  The origins of this idea stem from the original Indian Holi festival.  This event was not however religious in anyway but about promoting the ideas of togetherness and the colours of everyday life, bringing people together to share in music, dance, art and visual stimulation.

I am also loving the energy behind so many start up businesses which are emerging here, most with the commitment to be ethical and environmental, from retailers to food outlets, green housing and solar power energy.  Individuals and businesses are working on social-impact design solutions and how to improve standards for low-income living.  Another great initiative is the Design Indaba’s ‘Emerging Creatives’ programme which has been established to nurture new creative talent and break down the barriers to the industry for those just getting started.

Although South Africa is behind in the World in so many ways it also gives it a chance to make brighter decisions for the future based on the knowledge now available in the World.  Hopefully this knowledge is and continues to be put to good use.  For example, Cape Town was chosen as the World Design Capital this year not because it has the best design in the World but because it is starting to commence some really exciting projects for the future.

The test will be to evaluate the progression and development of these projects in five, ten and beyond years time.  It is also about seeing the positives going on in this extraordinary country and not just getting pulled down by the difficulties.

Check out the vibrant colours and striking movement of this awesome creation at the Carnival Fan Walk celebrating South Africa’s diversity of culture, language, colour, race and gender.  South Africa celebrates the fact that we are not the same.