Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

It was Reconciliation Day here in South Africa on Monday and there really was a sense of community as everyone enjoyed the public holiday.  A day chosen to mark unity after the end of Apartheid, which was even more poignant this year having just celebrated and commiserated the life of Nelson Mandela with his funeral held last Sunday.

I spent the day down at Hout Bay Market where the locals had pulled together a delightful assortment of food, live music and a head to head dance off competition.  It was a wonderful day of community and unity amongst all those present, smiling and simply having a good time.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge. 

In his own words…


“Let us never be unmindful of the terrible past from which we come – that memory not as a means to keep us shackled to the past in a negative manner, but rather as a joyous reminder of how far we have come and how much we have achieved.  The memory of a history of division and hate, injustice and suffering, inhumanity of person against person should inspire us to celebrate our own demonstration of the capacity of human beings to progress, to go forward, to improve, to do better.”

Nelson Mandela’s address during a joint sitting of parliament to mark 10 years of democracy, 2004.

Now nearly another 10 years on and this great man has departed our company but leaves a legacy never to be forgotten and a future that is in our hands.  He demonstrated that it always seems impossible until it is done.  May the future of Africa be one of peace, justice and opportunity and may the power of ideas and action take us there.

Yellow Flower.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Back to my home county of North Yorkshire for this challenge where one of my Grandmother’s neighbours does live in a rather grand house known as Castle Howard!  One of England’s grandest Baroque mansions, the construction of which took over one hundred years to complete spanning the lifetimes of three earls and numerous architects and craftsmen.

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, UK.

Spreading a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.

RIP Madiba.

“I hate race discrimination most intensely and in all its manifestations. I have fought it all during my life; I fight it now, and will do so until the end of my days.” 

It is a sad day now that you are gone Mr Mandela but your legacy and light will shine on as a guide to future generations.  Let your dream of an Africa in peace with itself be true.

Nelson Mandela.

“Let freedom reign.  The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.” 

RIP Madiba. 

The last month of the year…

I can hardly believe December is upon us and 2013 is nearly over!  It has certainly been an eventful period of time, personally and globally.

Frozen blue ice

Blue Ice.

Nothing ever stays the same, that is for sure, so whether it has been a good year or a bad year for you remember this too shall pass.  Change is always inevitable.

Green Leaves.

Green Leaves.

The main thing is to try to live with joy and confidence.  For there is so much wonder and beauty in this world.  Let us all seek it this December.