Birthday Surprise!!

To my dearest Mother,

Welcome to my blog!  The intrepid adventures and musings of Chasquita.  I have been busy creating these pages for your perusal so you can keep up with my travels and discoveries while I am away from you.

I wanted to be sure the content was flowing before I introduced you to the world of blogging and have happily found the path it has taken me on keeps on unravelling!  Now I can proudly present you with 60 posts to view at your leisure.

This is indeed my 60th Post, timed to be especially dedicated to you on your 60th Birthday today!


Congratulations on achieving so many milestones!  I hope you feel bliss being 60 and enjoy the fruits of all your labour.  I am one of your fruits and hope to bring you amusement and pleasure with my writing and images.  This comes with all my most magical wishes to you for many wonderful years to come.

Now sit back with a cup of Yorkshire tea and start from the very beginning….

I do hope you will enjoy the ride!

All my love always,

Chasquita. x 

Two shadows.

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