Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!

I captured these images on Sunday afternoon from up above the clouds so high.   Not only was I physically high up in the sky but my emotions were also up at the top of the happiness scale after a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday in Tasmania.  So yes indeed my age also went UP too!

It was a weekend of double celebrations with the very exciting news that the next destination on my journey is now official and I have my visa for South Africa.  So the next time I take to the skies to fly up high I will be on my way to Cape Town to start a completely new adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge.

Today I am celebrating….!

It is my Birthday today and I am turning 36!   I am not one to worry about the number going up so long as I feel as though I really have lived as much as I could for each year of my life that goes by.   If the Birthday comes when I feel like one year is just blurring in to another then I hope the alarm bells will start ringing.  However, to date, I have to say all 36 years have been unique, elaborate, progressive, enlightening and a personal expansion of my mind, body and soul.

I am sure there is always going to be more that could have been squeezed in (maybe I need another year for that!).  However, so long as I feel like I have given it my best shot and significantly moved forward, maintained a skip in my step, aimed to hold my head up high even when the going got tough, and kept a light touch in my dealings then I am hopefully on the right path.

I must add to this the art of enjoying each moment for what it is and trying to live in the moment.  Something that is not always easy when the past can haunt and the future can sometimes seem scary.  Time is precious and there is little point in worrying about things you cannot change.  Instead live to love, learn, breathe, share and cherish every moment with valour and dignity.

I am really loving the thirties and don’t feel the desire to go back to my twenties, teens or childhood. This is exactly where I want to be and I hope to make the most of the new year that lies ahead of me, all 365 days and nights!

On reflection, to make sure the last year wasn’t just a blur (and doesn’t turn into one!), and so that I can review this post in a years time, I am making note of the journey it has been.  It’s just a snap shot but the summary below captures 36 highlights that I am going to celebrate and cherish today:

  1. It started on my birthday last year climbing the Great Hawe in North Yorkshire.
  2. Followed by discovering a quintessential English pub with the worlds best ever scotch egg I have ever had with two of my favourite people!
  3. Watching the Royal Wedding and the Queens Diamond Jubilee at my mother’s house in North Yorkshire whilst eating home-made cake and sipping on the finest blend of Yorkshire gold tea and feeling thoroughly moved and proud to be British.
  4. Keeping fit and having good health.
  5. Learning hatha yoga and a combination of tai chi and yoga in body balance.
  6. Laughing with friends and family, and crying with friends and family all over the world!
  7. Traveling around the globe twice.
  8. Dancing like the world was going to end and thankfully it didn’t as a result of all the dancing I did I am sure!
  9. Taking my beautiful mother on a wedding reconnaissance mission to Ibiza and generally plotting, planning and spending time together.
  10. Attending the opening and closing parties of Space in Ibiza (more dancing!).
  11. Planning and organising my wedding whilst upside down on the other side of the world in Australia!
  12. Driving an RV the size of a house across California and Nevada, USA.
  13. Whipping up an almighty amount of magical mayhem at Hotel Ashram Galactica, Burning Man.  Where my alias as Feather Dusta Sista, Tzar of all Hotel Chambermaid services, aims to serve all those who reside, visit and enjoy the pleasures of the Grand Hotel along with my dusty crew.
  14. Meeting new and old friends, sharing stories and living in a society where monetary transactions don’t exist and there are no rules for one week.
  15. Sharing love, light and peace at an intimate blessing with my family and new marital family in the small Chapel of a moated, medieval, manor house deep in the Yorkshire countryside.
  16. Getting married!
  17. Watching and feeling the four elements create magic around our wedding wknd and embrace us entirely from start to finish….  Hairs standing up on my arms and neck type of magic!
  18. Learning and performing a dance routine with my husband….. now this does not come naturally to the two of us together.  Maybe separately but not as one!  We kind of pulled it off…. Well we made people smile at least!
  19. Hanging out with my awesome amazing american godmother, I love you Elaine!
  20. Having an amazing time on the white isle with family and friends, you all rocked my world.
  21. Honeymooning in the Maldives and Dubai.
  22. Escaping an encounter with a trigger fish twice!
  23. Eating dinner by candlelight with my husband in the middle of the desert all on our own…..  except for the spiders, beetles, scorpions, snakes, praying mantis and glistening eyes of various other desert creatures…..  they kind of stole the romance but it was an unforgettable experience!
  24. Having dinner on a secluded beach with my husband under the stars, this time the breeze was warm, the food uninterrupted by creepy crawlies and it was an amazing evening to be treasured forever.
  25. Causing mischief at the Eclipse Festival in far north Queensland, (Australia) working and playing with the fabulous Coco Poco Loco Crew.
  26. Watching the Eclipse in far North Queensland.  An amazing experience albeit sharing it with ants and their hills, dangerous spiders, crocodiles, dust, dirt and scorpions.
  27. Learning to become a better cook… now that I am a wife and all.  The proof is in the pudding!
  28. Becoming the godmother of my best friends baby boy, a very special and wonderful honour.
  29. Learning to give proper head and body massages.
  30. Learning to use photoshop and illustrator…  the next year will be the test of my progression.
  31. Learning to ride a motorbike and conquering a huge amount of fear in the process having been involved in a very serious motorcar accident when I was a young girl.  I now have my motorcycle license.
  32. Learning to carve a pendant out of bone and make jewellery, producing my own pair of earrings and a ring.
  33. Starting this blog!
  34. Traveling to Cape Town in South Africa to explore new horizons and make some very big decisions.
  35. Getting my South African visa stamped in my passport… literally three days ago!
  36. Feeling so much love, happiness and gratitude for being alive and having the privilege to live this life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change!

This weeks photo challenge summarises everything going on in my life, and is a large reason for me starting this blog so that I can try and keep track and share my adventures on-line.   In one word – CHANGE!!

However, as I pondered over all my ideas for displaying this in a photograph, and the areas of my life that are changing, or about to change, the most amazing change in my life comes down to one thing and that has been getting married.

So I have chosen to share a photograph with you from my Wedding Day.  This symbolises to me an enormous depth of love, light, hope and peace as well as the shared trust, respect, commitment, honour and loyalty that sealed our future, enhancing it and changing it forever.

Prior to getting married I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel once on the other side, would it change how I felt?…  How we lived?… In many ways things carry on as they did before, but there is also an incredible change in our hearts and souls that as they say literally tied the knot.  I feel as though I am wallowing in love, warmth, strength and unity and it really is simply wonderful.

Bride and Groom.

To see further images from our wedding you can peruse Wedding Magic.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour.

“Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked.  Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases.”    Banksy, Wall and Piece.  

I am always excited by the vibrant colours graffiti artists use.  It is an animated surprise to find an unexpected work of art around a corner.  Although it is at large an illicit form of expression, it is actually a pass time that originates from ancient times.   In many instances graffiti brightens up a dark back street or the underneath of a dirty free way.  The message however isn’t always as cheerful as the colours, with underlying social or political stances being sprayed.

An explosion of graffiti colours from the streets of Berlin, London, Melbourne and New York.

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Join in and spread a little magic with the weekly photo challenge.