The Art of Possibility…….

Wanting to do something and putting your mind to it.   Just make a start!  Sometimes this is actually the hardest part, knowing where to begin?  Well this is the beginning of my blog.  All journeys have to start some where and I am going on a new one exploring and sharing on-line.  My grandmother certainly never had the opportunity to use the world wide web or the chance to be able to travel to the degrees I have been able to.   On the other hand, she is certainly a very wise lady none the less from her own life’s journey and quite adept at the art of possibility.

The reason I am writing about possibility is because I find myself at another life junction.  One where a big decision needs to be made.  This isn’t simply turning left or right, it calls for getting the ordinance survey map out ….(or rather that is what my grandmother would do)… I am grabbing for my google maps and taking the journey that is mapped out immediately once the co-ordinates are plugged in.  Ah, but wait, I am not sure the journey I am going on has actually got co-ordinates…. it is life with unexpected twists and turns…!

Well, anything is possible I guess so I shall just have to hold on and go with the flow!  Let’s see where this goes……..

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